How to integrate Komoju on Cafe24

After the review completes, you will need to set up payment for Cafe24 in order to use Komoju in Live mode. 

After the review is completed and you receive an email about accepting Service Agreement, Service Agreement will be displayed when you log in to KOMOJU for the first time after completing the review.

<Please note>

Please note that only one KOMOJU account can be connected to one Cafe24 account.

To use KOMOJU, if you have a multiple stores, you will need to create a Cafe24 account for each store (store).

Once you accept the Service Agreement, you will be able to switch between Test mode and Live mode as shown below.

*If you do not see this, the review and contract have not been completed yet. [Reference: How do I apply for Live mode (commercial use)?]

*If the above toggle is not displayed, only the TEST mode is available. All transaction created on the Test environment are virtual and no actual payment will be made.

If the TEST mode is accessible to the public shop site, we recommend that you follow the procedure below to hide it.

【Payments】>【Payment methods】>【No】

Step 1.

Please install the KOMOJU app from here.

In order to install KOMOJU’s payment gateway app on Cafe24, please allow the listed permissions for the app.

Once the terms and permissions are accepted, the app will be installed to your Cafe24 store.

Step 2.

Once the installment completes, you will be asked to login to KOMOJU.

Once you select the Cafe24 Store to link and press 'CONNECT' button, all the available payment methods on KOMOJU will be set up on your Cafe24 store.

Step 3.


After the initial automated setup is complete, you will be redirected to the Cafe24 Settings page.

You can confirm that a KOMOJU payment gateway and your supported payment methods are added your chosen shop with the following step.

*Please be sure to select the correct shop on the top-left menu. 

(1) Go to 'Store settings'

(2) Choose 'Payments' → 'Payment methods'

*On the checkout page, the payment methods will be displayed as below.

*The payment methods will be displayed on your selected Cafe24 shop in the language supported for the shop.

At the moment, the languages supported are Japanese, English and Korean.

【Please note】

Cafe24 allows you to switch to multiple store sites with a single Cafe24 account.

However, one KOMOJU account can be only used for one Cafe24 shop site which passed the review.

If the shop site information is different from the application information, the service may be suspended with prior notice.

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