How do I apply for Live mode (commercial use)?

1. Log in to KOMOJU (The screen will be in Test mode)

2. Click the "Active payments" on the right top of the screen. Fill in all the needed criteria, and submit for approval.

3. Submitted information and the shop website will be reviewed.

4. After the review process is completed, we will notify you it's been completed.

5. After the contract is completed, account will be issued for the service.

[Please Note]

1. Please check the Acceptable Use Policy before submission.

2. Please prepare some required documents (click here for more details)

3. The shop website will also be reviewed, so please have it ready by submission.
Does your store have all information for Specified Commercial Transaction Act?

*Please understand in advance that each payment method requires a separate review by the adjudication team and depending on the review, we may not be able to provide our service.

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