Shopify new API Specification Information

1. On Shopify, a pending order has a maximum expiration date of 72 hours from payment creation. 
After 72 hours, the order will be marked expired but its stock will be still reserved.

2. KOMOJU allows payment expiration dates of more than 72 hours.

If your KOMOJU expiration is set to 3 days or more, there is a possibility for expired Shopify orders to become paid when the KOMOJU payment captures. Inventory will remain available after 72 hours, so there will be no negative inventory.

*We recommend that you change the Konbini payment deadline to '2 days'.
How to change the Konbini payment deadline

【Additional Information】

1. Orders do not automatically return to inventory after payment expiration.

2. In order to restore the secured inventory, you will need to manually cancel the order from within the Shopify admin panel.

*You can return the secured inventory by following these steps.

  (1) ”Cancel" the payment from KOMOJU’s admin, and the status on Shopify's admin will be changed to "Expired".

  (2) Select  "more actions" > "Cancel Order" in the Shopify admin page

  (3) Make sure "Restock items" is checked and execute. The order will be canceled and inventory will be returned.

3. The new API might be updated again later. (Updates will be automatically applied after you introduce the new API on your shop site.)

4. In case of problems, merchants can continue to use the legacy API until the end of July.

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