How to use KOMOJU on Shopify in test mode

1. Pleas create a KOMOJU account from the following URL.

2. Once you create your KOMOJU account, log in to Shopify and select 'Settings' > 'Payments'.

3. Additional payment methods > Select 'Add payment methods'
4. Select "Search by provider" and enter "KOMOJU" in the search window to display KOMOJU payment.
5. Select the payment you would like to use in the test mode and press 'Activate'.

6. Press 'Connect'.
7. Select 'Install app'.
8. The screen will be redirected to KOMOJU log in page. Please log in with your registered email address and password.

9. Select 'Connect'.
*If you have multiple KOMOJU accounts, the connection button will be displayed for each account, so please be careful not to choose a wrong account.

10. The screen will be redirected to Shopify. 
Enter  ☑ in 'Enable test mode' and select 'Activate KOMOJU' to complete the test mode connection.

Once you complete the settings, you can actually place a test order at your shop.

*If you would like to use KOMOJU as live mode, please apply for live mode from with the following step.
How do I apply for Live mode (commercial use)?

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