Does your store have all information for Specified Commercial Transaction Act?

The Specified Commercial Transactions Act is an Act for with the purpose of preventing business operators'' illegal, or malicious solicitation while protecting consumer benefits. Specifically, rules that business operators should obey, and rules for protecting consumers. To use KOMOJU, all merchants are required to comply to this Act.

What should the page cover?
The policies that need to be detailed in the page are as follows:
- Name, address, and telephone number of the business operator
- e-mail address of the business operator
- If the business operator is a legal entity, the names of the seller's representative or the person responsible for business related to Mail Order Sales
- Customer contact
- Selling prices and shipping charges
- Information on additional charge that will occur to the purchaser(Handling fee, Shipping, etc)
- Time of payment
- Time at which the goods will be delivered
- Return, refund, exchange
- If there are provisions about the responsibility of sellers for cases in which the goods have defects, the details of such provisions
- If there are special sales conditions such as the limitation of the sales quantity of goods, details of such conditions
- Available type of transactions

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