Dec 14th, 2023 KOMOJU has a new look!

Have you noticed the Try New UI button on the merchant dashboard? Now, that experimental UI is becoming the standard KOMOJU experience.

Our new interface contains all the great features you are used to–as well as a few new ones–now in a format that is more user-friendly and mobile-friendly!


◆Payments list

Our new Payments display lets you get to the information you’re looking for more quickly than ever, while still enabling you to easily apply search filters. Check out the difference!

<Old UI>

<New UI>

◆Payment details

The new UI offers a more convenient layout allowing you to see event details at a glance and easily access cancel, refund, resend, and simulation features right at the top of the page.

<Old UI>

<New UI>

The details page also contains enhanced fraud reporting on applicable payment types for merchants subscribed to our latest in security enhancements.

◆Account Settings

It is now possible to update your account information and user details from our consolidated Account Settings page, making management of your Komoju account faster and more intuitive than ever.

◆Merchant Settings

Merchant settings are now easier to control than ever, ensuring that your checkout page and payment settings will provide the best possible experience for your unique customer needs.

◆Time Zone

The new UI allows you to view all transaction dates and times in the KOMOJU app according to your preferred time zone. The default setting is Asia/Tokyo as before, but you can now change this setting to see your data displayed using time zones from around the globe.

And much more!

We invite you to start using KOMOJU UI right away and see the improved experience. We will continue to support the older UI until the middle of April 2024, after which time only the new UI will be available. Please contact our support teams if you have any concerns about the transition.

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