What is the difference between Shopify credit card 'Hosted Page' and 'On-site Checkout'?

How to set up a credit card

There are two ways to connect a KOMOJU credit card on Shopify: 'Hosted Page' and 'On-site Checkout', and there are differences in the checkout screen visible to the customer.

*Hosted Page: Redirects customer to the KOMOJU host page when the payment is made.

*On-site Checkout: Allows the entire payment transaction to complete within a stay on the Shopify checkout screen;no redirects to KOMOJU.

Please see below for examples of screen transitions for each of these settings, and choose the preferred connection method.

Example of Hosted Page

Example of On-site Checkout



If you set up "On-site Checkout", the customer can enter the card number and other required information on Shopify without redirecting to the KOMOJU hosted page.  

However, "On-site Checkout" cannot be set with Shopify Payments.

If you wish to use Shopify Payments simultaneously, please set the "Hosted Page" option.

■Screen transitions of Hosted Page

1. on the checkout screen, select 'Credit card (Hosted Page)' and click 'Pay now'.

  1. enter the credit card details on the next page and click the 'Pay' button to complete the payment.

■Screen transitions of On-site Checkout

* On-site Checkout cannot be set with Shopify Payments.

How to set up a credit card

1. Choose “Shopify Settings” from the Merchant Setting page.

*Please make sure that your KOMOJU setting is Live mode.

2. Please select 'Hosted Page' or 'On-site Checkout' and click "CONNECT" button.


If the settings have been completed, "Connected" is shown.

If both are connected, the 'credit card' option will be duplicated on the checkout screen, so please set up only one of them.

For information on how to deactivate a connection, please refer to How to deactivate KOMOJU on Shopify.

  1. You will be redirected to the Shopify admin screen; please log in and click 'Manage.'

  1. Choose "Install app."

  1. Click 'Activate KOMOJU,' and the settings complete.

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