How can I check Cafe24 transactions on the KOMOJU management screen?

In order to check your Cafe24 orders on the KOMOJU management screen, please check the ' Order Number' or ' TID' on the Cafe24 administration page.
*Payment details will be displayed in the "All orders" section of the Cafe24 administration page.
Please make sure you have selected the correct store in the upper left menu and follow the instructions below.
Log in to KOMOJU and enter ' Order Number' or ' TID' to the Order ID field on the Payments page on KOMOJU, you can check the related transaction information.

【Cafe24 administration page】
How to check 'Order number': Orders > All orders > Order number
How to check 'TID': Orders > All orders > Click the order number > Check the TID in the order detail

【KOMOJU Management Screen】
Enter "Order number" or "TID" from Payments > Order ID in the KOMOJU management screen to search for the corresponding payment.
(*KOMOJU order ID = Cafe24 order number)

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