I’m receiving “Your payment can’t be processed for technical reasons. ” when trying to create a payment with Shopify.

If you have linked your Shopify payment method to KOMOJU and you get an error on the create payment screen that says "Your payment can’t be processed for technical reasons." error, it could be one of the following.

1. "Enable test mode" is not checked. (If you are using in KOMOJU Test mode)

If you are using KOMOJU's test mode, please check the "Enable test mode" checkbox in the Shopify payment method settings page. (If you are using LIVE mode, please uncheck this box.)

2. Your Shopify payment method is linked with an unintended KOMOJU account. (If you have multiple KOMOJU accounts)

You may have linked your Shopify payment method with an unintended KOMOJU account. Please deactivate the payment application, uninstall it, and try to link again with the correct KOMOJU account.

3. Paidy payment shows "This payment was not approved". (in the case of Paidy payment)

The message "This payment was not approved" is displayed when the credit check on the Paidy side did not pass.
The reasons for this error may include the following cases
● The total amount of purchases in a month exceeds a certain limit specified by Paidy.
※ The limit is subject to change depending on the customer's usage status and other factors.
● If the customer has not paid Paidy's invoices.
If you have any questions about unpaid payments, please contact Paidy Customer Support.

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