What can I do in Test mode?

The KOMOJU account consists of Test mode (test environment) and Live mode (commercial environment).

You can use Test mode as soon as you create an account. (*You can create an account here)

Test mode allows you to try out KOMOJU functions. It cannot be used for actual payment.

The following payments are available in Test mode.

  • credit card
  • convenience store
  • Bank transfer
  • Pay Easy
  • Paypay
  • LINE pay
  • Merpay
  • Alipay (JPY)
  • Paidy
  • rakuten pay
  • auPay
  • WebMoney (*) 
  • BitCash (*) 
  • NET CASH (*) 

(*)Not linked to Wix.

■ How to change "Bank transfer", "Pay Easy" and "Convenience store" orders to "Paid" status in test mode
Place an order and identify the order from the KOMOJU "Transactions" page.
You can change the status to "Authorized (waiting for payment)" ⇒ "Captured" by following steps.1.Opening the relevant transaction  2.Clicking  "Capture payment"

You can check the linkage with the connected system.

* If you would like to make a payment with "Credit Card", "WebMoney", "BitCash" or "NET CASH" in the test mode, please use this card number.

■How to use Smartphone payment (Paypay, LINE Pay, Merpay), Paidy in test mode

When paying with smartphone payment, the screen will be transited to each app screen and make payment on the application.
(Please click here to see the example of actual smartphone payment screen transition)

However, if you use the test mode, the deposit simulation screen will be displayed without transitioning to the app.

*By clicking 【入金】button, you can change the transaction status to 'Captured'.
Please note that if you install the test mode on a public site, the following simulation screen will be displayed to your customers.

We recommend that you use the test mode on a non-public site.

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