How do I disable the old API?

Before you switch to the new app, please disable the payment methods connected with the old API as follows.

1. Log in to Shopify and press “Settings” from the bottom left ⇒ Choose “Payments”

2. Choose the payment methods you want to disable from the “Alternative payment methods” and press “Edit” button.

If "Payment Service" is displayed with the following text, the connection is an old API connection and must be disabled.

電子マネー決済 - KOMOJU
コンビニ決済 - KOMOJU
銀行振込 - KOMOJU
ペイジー決済 - KOMOJU
JCB クレジットカード決済 - KOMOJU
銀行振込 - KOMOJU
スマホ決済 - KOMOJU

If the payment service is displayed with the following text, the latest connection method (new API) is already connected and does not need to be disabled. Click on "Edit" and confirm that it is enabled.

KOMOJU - コンビニ決済 (Convenience Store)

KOMOJU - クレジットカード決済(Credit Card)
KOMOJU - 銀行振込(Japan Bank Transfer)
KOMOJU - ペイジー決済(Pay-Easy)
KOMOJU - スマホ決済(Smartphone Payment)

3. Click “Deactivate" button 

Please do not uninstall the app. (If you later refund, you may not receive a completion notification properly.)

*Please disable each payment methods with above steps.

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