Can I receive my funds earlier?

Yes. A weekly payout option is available.

KOMOJU is available with 2 different payout cycles.

■ Monthly payout: Each end of the month, the transactions from the previous month will be paid. 
■ Weekly Payout: Every Friday, the transactions from the previous Sat - Fri will be paid.

Changing the payout cycle

1.Login to KOMOJU.

2.Select "Merchant Settings" from the KOMOJU management screen.

3.The"Payment schedule" section state the payout cycle your account is set to. To make changes, select "Edit".
*If your payment schedule is not displayed, please follow  this procedure to change the setting.

4.From the "Edit" screen, select "Weekly" from the "payout cycle" column and select "save".

5.Check the "Payment schedule" section to confirm the setting is changed to "Weekly".
*The new payout cycle will apply from the following month.
*In a case your account does not have any transactions, the change will apply immediate.
*For non Japan bank account, a 2,500 JPY transfer fee will be charged per transfer.
*If the payment date is a holiday, the transfer will be made on the next business day (of the financial institution).

(Ex.) Payout schedule

If you change your payout schedule from "Monthly" to "Weekly" in July, your July sales will be paid at the end of the following month (August 31) as usual. Sales proceeds after August 1, when the changes take effect, will be calculated on Friday and credited the following week on August 14.

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