About KOMOJU transaction fee

The following fee will be charged when you use KOMOJU.

【KOMOJU Transaction fee】


Upon payout, transaction fee and deposit fee will have been deducted from the funds.

For Japanese domestic merchants, consumption tax will be applied to the settlement fee.

Please refer to this page for details.

The following calculation example is for an overseas merchant outside of Japan.

Ex.)  When JPY10,000 of revenue is generated through convenience store payment

Sales amount: 10,000JPY

Transaction fee: ー 275JPY

Bank transfer fee: ー 220JPY

*Funds: 9,505JPY

【Bank transfer fee】

For Japanese bank account

・If the funds is under 30,000JPY, bank transfer fee will be 220JPY. ・If the funds is over 30,000JPY, bank transfer fee will be 410JPY.

For Foreign bank account
・There is a transfer fee for each payout to an overseas bank account, one of the following will be charged depending on the settlementr currency set up.

*25.00 EUR / 25.00 USD/ 2,500JPY

【Currency Conversion & FX rates】

Besides the above, if the processing currency is different from the settlement currency, KOMOJU will convert the funds using the interbank rate indicated on the date of settlement, marked up with a margin.

Regarding the margin, please refer to this page for more detail.

【Payout cycle】

Please refer to the following page about the payout cycle.


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