KOMOJU Usage Fees and Settlement Fees

KOMOJU does not incur any fixed or initial costs, and the settlement fee (%) and bank transfer fee are deducted from the sales proceeds of transactions that occur by the closing date.

For transactions that have been completed and the status is "Captured", the transaction fee will be charged even if you later process a refund.

Please refer to page 15 below for a list of payment fees for each payment method.

KOMOJU Merchant Services Terms of Use

The total settlement fee calculated for each transaction is deducted from the sales proceeds.

You can download the data of settlement fees for each transaction from the "Reports" page of KOMOJU.

The settlement fee is calculated as follows.

【Example】 When JPY5,000 of revenue is generated through Konbini (2.75%)
  • (1) JPY5,000 x 2.75% Konbini settlement fee = JPY138
  • (2) JPY138 x 10% consumption tax = JPY14 (※)

(1) + (2) is the settlement fee=JPY152

(※) For overseas merchants, the consumption tax associated with the settlement fee is not charged.

In the data that can be extracted from the report,

  • (1) represents Merchant fee cents
  • (2) is displayed as Merchant fee tax cents

The total of (1) and (2) will be deducted from the sales proceeds as a settlement fee.

【Bank transfer fee】

For Japanese bank account

・If the funds is under 30,000JPY, bank transfer fee will be 220JPY.

・If the funds is over 30,000JPY, bank transfer fee will be 410JPY.

For Foreign bank account
・There is a transfer fee for each payout to an overseas bank account, one of the following will be charged depending on the settlement currency set up.

*25.00 EUR / 25.00 USD/ 2,500JPY

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