Terms of use for the smart phone payments

Before you apply for smart phone payment methods, please read terms of use for each companies below.
Once you apply for smart phone payments, we consider as you agreed those terms of use.


(1) Paypay Merchant Terms(Paypay加盟店規約)
(2) Paypay Merchant Guidelines(Paypay加盟店ガイドライン)

【LINE Pay】

(1) LINE Cash Merchant Agreement(LINE Cash加盟店規約)
(2) LINE Money store opening rules(LINE Money出店規約)
(3) Special contract for merchants who applied via comprehensive agencies(包括代理加盟店経由加盟店契約特約)
(4) LINE Pay Privacy Policy(甲のプライバシーポリシー)


(1) Merpay Merchant Terms(メルペイ加盟店規約)

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