What are the different payment statuses in KOMOJU?

KOMOJU payments can have multiple payment statuses.

The order is successfully created with the customers payment information however KOMOJU has not received funds yet. 

Note, in the case of credit card payment, this status means the card payment has been authorized and you will need to capture the payment in order to receive funds.

The payment is complete and funds have been received by KOMOJU. You can now deliver the goods or service to the customer if the payment is in this state.

Customer has landed on our checkout screen but has not entered their information yet. If you see this status it means the customer has not entered their details yet or has abandoned checkout.

This status is shown for payments that the customer never completed payment. You can see when a payment expires from the dashboard by viewing the payment.

The payment was cancelled. Cancelling a payment prevents the customer from completing their purchase at a later date.

The payment has been refunded.

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